Writing Competition

The Sportswriter.org.uk sportswriting competition 2012 is now closed to entries and the winners have been selected. We have also sent the money raised to Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

Reminder of the prizes:

First Prize: £250
Second Prize: £75
Third Prize: £25

So, without further ado, let us announce the winning entries:

1st prize: Oliver Goldstein with his entry ‘Sonny
2nd prize: Christine Steenfeldt with ‘England Till I Die
3rd prize: Jonathan Chapple with ‘Dismissal

Many thanks to all those who entered. There were plenty of quality articles, poems and stories and though there was only room for three winners, we’ll be contacting the authors of some of our favourites to request permission to publish them on our site.

The deadline was midnight, Sunday 1st July 2012

Even if you weren’t successful, check out the website of the charity to whom £1 of your entry fee has been donated here. You can find details of how their bikes have helped loads of young people and also read about what caused the charity’s founder, Mike Grisenthwaite to start it in the first place.

Thanks again! We’ll publish details of the 2013 competition soon.

Sportswriter Competition Terms and Conditions CLICK HERE